Style & Branding

Branding & Development

We’re interested in results - but what is it you hope to achieve?  Before we work on your brand, we help to make sure the business strategy has defined goals, and that they derive from your plan, dreams, and mission.  More hits, sales, and customers are great- but what is the big picture, and what are we helping you create?

The Campaign

What starts your fire?  After we know that - we establish goals, identify customers, and create action plans. Your success and dreams mapped out - now the branding begins. Long and short term plans develop your message and style.  Branding campaigns are consistent, engaging and cover all forms of media.


Logos & imagery

Good visual identity is strategic -  simple, clean, clear.  Your image strengthens the name, inspires action, and has staying power for the long haul.

Style Guide & Consistency

Retaining Wonderdog for your in-house graphic design insures that it’s not just fonts and colors that are true to the brand, but insures that the entire visual environment, mission plan, and brand energy are consistently replicated.  Whether it’s signage, a weekly specials flyer, or an email blast, we make sure they look and feel as stunning as they should.