Meet the Crew


Marky Pierson

Marky Pierson // Creative Director + Founder

Marky Pierson ( Mark Jeffery Pierson) is an American artist who's early works are based in the city of Key West, Florida USA.  Marky’s art and skill set encompasses many forms of media, including graphic design, illustration, painting, film, design and construction consulting, and the theater arts.  
A passion for the arts and a background in business makes Marky a driven force of nature.  Independently employed from the age of 16, Marky has a proven and diverse track record in many arenas, from managing a mid-sized construction company, directing documentary and corporate films,  to designing and branding projects for boutique businesses. 
Marky founded Wonderdog Studios in 2006. A collective of creatives, specializing in graphic design, corporate marketing films, mini documentaries, festivals and events, image branding and online media designs.

Morgan Fraga

Morgan Fraga Pierson // Studio Director

Morgan Fraga is a Key West native with a background in event planning. Morgan joined the team at Wonderdog Studios in 2016 and assists with graphic design, video projects and oversees project budget management. Prior to joining the Wonderdog team, she produced corporate retreats for clients from around the globe as well as several community events and festivals. Notable productions include Taste of Key West, Fantasy Fest, Zombie Bike Ride, Key Lime Festival, Key West Songwriters Festival and Papio's Kinetic Sculpture Parade.
When she's not managing the budget, filming, or designing Morgan enjoys performing in the local theater scene, howling at the moon with her dog, and enjoying the unique people and scenery of Key West. 

Susannah Wells

Susannah Wells // Lead Designer + Online media

Susannah Wells has a background in theatre and studio arts, yet her artistic talents span the spectrum, from painting to prose and movement to music. When Susannah isn't working as a performing artist, she specializes in web and graphic design, and professional problem solving. She possesses nearly 16 years of experience working in design, education, and museums in places like the Brooklyn Museum, Discovery Creek Children's Museum of Washington, and the Smithsonian Institution. As a senior member of the Team, Susannah has been contributing as a designer and editor at Wonderdog Studios since she first moved to in Key West, Florida in 2012 and looks forward to future endeavors with the Wonderdog family.

Martha Hooten

Martha Hooten // video editor + Animation

Martha Hooten-Hattingh was born in a little house right around the corner from what is now Wonderdog Studios. As the daughter of an artist mother and musician father, her life has been dipped in creativity since the beginning. Martha spent her teenage years throwing out her own paintings, developing the same images over and over again in the dark room, rocking out with her all-girl garage band, and expanding her mental library of theatric song lyrics. After leaving Key West at 18, she spent the next several years living all over the U.S. while continuing to play and write music, honing her patience by working with children, and making the weirdest videos you'll never see. She settled back home in Key West 3 years ago and once connected with Wonderdog Studios, has never looked back! Martha loves being able to spend her days evolving old skills and learning new ones, while being part of this creative team who brings their artistic spirit into every project.

Kristyn LaMoia

Kristyn LaMoia // Illustrator + graphic design

Kristyn is a South Florida native who has always had a strong attraction to visual arts. Early in life she explored painting, sketching, photography and many other fields. But it was her growing interest in psychology during high school, that led her to discover her passion for graphic design; which she feels is a perfect combination of the two fields. Kristyn went on to earn a degree in graphic design and immediately immersed herself in the field. She interned at a fast-paced design studio and developed her surreal, colorful style and knack for logo design.  She then became assistant art director for a Juice/Smoothie franchise and worked as a designer at various media companies. A notable client from her time spent at a media company is the Florida Panthers Hockey Team. She discovered Wonderdog in 2016 and has been enjoying every minute since. In 2017 she fell in love with the magic of Key West and officially made the island her home for the foreseeable future. 

Florence Nebbout

Florence Nebbout // Videographer

Growing up in Paris, France with her talented father, Florence Nebbout was exposed to a very special kind of life. Her father worked closely with Europe's top performers and singers. As a child Florence would spend many hours backstage learning how to play the various instruments and listening to the daily gossip from the stage dancers. It was from these experiences in the artistic world that would form her creative taste and spirit.
When the time came to grow professionally, Florence enrolled in the Paris school Photography. After graduation she began 15 year career in media and film production. While working with Europe's major television networks she concentrated her focus on the art of film editing.
One day, a well needed vacation was in order... Destination - Key West! The sunsets, loud roosters and tropical island scenery was something she found entirely irresistible. Florence believes that Key West has the endless possibilities for her to indulge her creative sense.
Florence Nebbout is the epitome of the truly independent film maker. She fully enjoys the control and quality of the images she so wonderfully captures. With 15 years of experience and skill she is committed to every aspect of her productions.

Jack McDonald

Jack McDonald // Creative Construction + Designer

Born and raised in Key West, Jack grew up behind the scenes at the Red Barn Theatre and quickly earned the title of Lighting and Set Designer and is ready to take on any creative construction challenge.
As a visual artist and proud Key West native, the island landscape has always been his muse. He’s also had the pleasure of working with some of the local greats like Rick Worth and John Martini, as well as travel across the country and beyond as part of the visual installation team for new Margaritaville restaurants and resorts with Caymen Smith-Martin.
Primarily interested in street art, Jack is influenced by local color as well as art in public places, he is driven to stretch the boundaries of "street art," with the hope to raise awareness and establish it as a more legitimate artform. And, of course, while having a bit of fun. Through the use of whimsical illustrations, brights colors and shapes, his desire is to have a positive influence on the Key West art scene, while adding an element of familiarity, exploration, and discovery.

Jessica Powers

Jessica Powers // Social Media Director

Georgia grown, South Carolina sprouted, and currently Florida flourishing... Jess moved to Key West over 7 years ago to live the island life, leaving her “desk job” in Marketing & Advertising behind. A graduate from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Public Relations, Jess keeps her free spirit in check by constantly mixing things up in her work life, which is why she loves being a part of the social media madness. “It’s always changing. Not only is it an opportunity for the business at hand to get their word out, but I also get the privy of being a part (albeit a small one) of all the amazing & creative things that happen on this island we call home. There’s always something new and exciting to be in-the-know about!” 

Dave Strobele

Dave Strobele // creative construction + builder

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Layla Barr

Layla Barr // Festival & event production

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