Marky Pierson’s Wonderdog Productions exhibits the large mural panels created during  ART! Key West Festival.  12 local artists live paint for 6-8 hours to complete large wall panels temporarily constructed across the city.  

Wonderdog and company created the format of live, large-scale painting with a timeline.  The artwork was created for art's sake and participants of the festival enjoyed the enthusiasm and creativity of the event.

An ART! Key West! (AKW!) event, sponsored by Wonderdog Productions, takes to the streets with 16 by 8 foot temporary panels featuring some of the island's finest large-scale artwork and street artists. Three artists per Festival hub have 8 hours to complete a painting on each day of the festival.  There are 5 locations across Key West: Island Pottery, Sunset Pier,  The Restaurant Store, Lucky Street Gallery, and The Green Parrot.                                                                                 AKW! 2013 street artists are featured below.

Adam & Kelly Russel

Madek Uthurunku

Cayman Smith Martin

Rick Worth

Marky Pierson

Marlene Koenig

Garth Holtkamp

Justin Esquinaldo

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