One Night Stand


The Studios of Key West presents One Night Stand, the lighting-quick theater project that develops five brand new pieces of theatre from start to finish in only 24 hours. 

From the moment that the writers draw their casts from a hat the night before until the performance, over fifty talented locals come together to share ideas, props, costumes, and stories, and to magically create five brand new 10 minute plays.

With the clock ticking, it takes dozens of people working together at a wickedly fast pace to make the project come to fruition. Playwrights write all night to deliver freshly penned scripts to The Studios on Saturday morning, just in time for actors, directors, and artists to pick up the creative baton. Actors spend the whole day learning lines and getting into character, artists create canvas backdrops for each of the new plays, and directors play ringmaster, working to keep focus and momentum throughout the day.

Highlights from 2018 One Night Stand

Interviews with the Cast & Crew

Highlights from 2016 One Night Stand

Highlights from 2014 One Night Stand